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Chicago IL on 09/07/2003

“Programs ease expense of prescriptions”:
” Most pharmaceutical companies assist patients in true need, regardless of age. You can log on to and find out if you qualify for free medicine. You’ll be shocked to see all the drugs available for free if you qualify.”



Washington D.C. 03/27/2003

“Because of the organization’s groundbreaking work in this area, physicians nationwide are currently distributing Free Medicine Program brochures to their patients. Even Social Security offices have brochures available to their constituents…”



Connecticut Post, Bridgeport, CT 05/04/2003

” programs helped 3.1 Million Americans fill more then 10 million prescriptions …Free Medicine Program cuts through the red tape…”
City Shopper, Boston, MA 07/21/2004
Millions more could benefit from these programs—but don’t even know it. That’s one reason for the Free Medicine Program, as it’s called. Not only does it help people decide which private or pharmaceutical company program would be best for them, but it also aids in dealing with the ever-changing requirements and often daunting application process needed to qualify for these programs. That process alone can ordinarily be extremely tedious, confusing and time-consuming…”

Jackson Star News, Ravenswood, WV 12/09/2004
Patient assistance programs provide free prescription medicines to more than 6.2 million Americans. Millions more could benefit from these programs – but don’t even know it…You can apply online and learn about the program by visiting


emedi, New York, NY 12/08/2012

“With the rising costs of prescription drugs along with increasing numbers of people experiencing financial problems, some people need assistance to cover the cost of medication. Drug companies as well as other patient advocate organizations run hundreds of patient assistance programs (PAPs) that can help underinsured or uninsured patients save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on prescription medication – organizations like Free Medicine Program…”

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