How It Works

Once you feel you have met the requirements, you’re ready to apply for the Free Medicine Program, all you need to do is to print, fill out and return a Medication Information Form or Click Here to Apply Online.

As soon as we receive this information, we get right to work for you! We will immediately process the information you have sent us, and send you a customized information package, prepared specifically to your individual needs. In your personalized package, you will find a letter to your physician. Because the assistance of your doctor will have a significant bearing on your acceptance in the program, we strongly suggest you talk with your physician about the patient assistance program right away. If you don’t have a physician, you can find one by visiting websites like ZocDoc or Injured Call Today to find local doctors. Also in your personalized package, you will find a few quick, easy-to-follow steps to be taken by you and your physician in order to proceed with the application process.

Upon completion of these steps, the application(s) are sent to the appropriate drug manufacturer(s) and considered for approval. The good news is that once approved; your FREE medicines are generally sent to you directly by applicable drug manufacturers in just two to three weeks! Because of our extensive work in this area, physicians nationwide are currently distributing Free Medicine Program brochures to their patients. While the funds necessary to distribute this information and support the Free Medicine Program are obtained through a one-time processing fee of $5, contributed by each applicant, the money is refunded if we are unable to find your assistance in getting your prescription medicines free, or at a significantly reduced cost.

To begin the application process now, simply fill out and mail us the required items on your Application Form. Click Here to Apply Online.

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